Team physician for the Wallabies

2015 – 2017 Team physician and traveling physician for the Australian Rugby Union Wallabies including the 2015/2016 Rugby Championship and RWC 2015 – Games: 27 (W 16 – L 11)

2016 Fixtures

Played 15: Won 6, Lost 9

vs England, Brisbane (L 28-39) Cook Cup
Wallabies vs England, Melbourne (L 7-23) Cook Cup
Wallabies vs England, Sydney (L 40-44) Cook Cup
Wallabies vs New Zealand, Sydney (L 8-42) Rugby Championship
New Zealand vs Wallabies, Wellington (L 29-9) Rugby Championship
Wallabies vs South Africa, Brisbane (W 23-17) Rugby Championship
Wallabies vs Argentina, Perth (W 36-20) Rugby Championship
South Africa vs Wallabies, Pretoria (L 18-10) Rugby Championship
Argentina vs Wallabies, London (W 21-33) Rugby Championship
New Zealand vs Wallabies, Auckland (L 37-10) Bledisloe Cup
Wales vs Wallabies, Cardiff (W 8-32) Spring Grand Slam
Scotland vs Wallabies, Edinburgh (W 22-23) Spring Grand Slam
France vs Wallabies, Paris (W 23-25) Spring Grand Slam
Ireland vs Wallabies, Dublin (L 27-24) Spring Grand Slam
England vs Wallabies, London (L 21-37 ) Spring Grand Slam

2015 Fixtures

Played 12: Won 10, Lost 2

Wallabies vs South Africa, Brisbane (W 24-20) Mandela Challenge Plate
Argentina vs Wallabies, Mendoza (W 34-9) Puma Trophy
Wallabies vs New Zealand, Sydney (W 27-19) Rugby Championship
New Zealand vs Wallabies, Auckland (L 41-13) Bledisloe Cup
United States vs Wallabies, Chicago (W 10-47)
Fiji vs Wallabies, Cardiff (W 28-13) RWC 2015
Uruguay vs Wallabies, Birmingham (W 65-3) RWC 2015
England vs Wallabies, London (W 33-13) RWC 2015
Wales vs Wallabies, London (W 15-6) RWC 2015
Scotland vs Wallabies, London (W 35-34) RWC 2015
Argentina vs Wallabies, London (W 29-15) RWC 2015
New Zealand vs Wallabies, London (L 17-34) RWC 2015

Team physician for the Western Force

2010 – 2016 Team physician for Western Force Super Rugby franchise in Perth, Western Australia. 100+ Super rugby games (W: 28 D: 3 L: 72)

2016 Fixtures

Played 10: Won 0, Lost 10

Force vs Rebels, Perth (L 19-25)
Force vs Brumbies, Perth (L 14-31)
Cheifs vs Force, Hamilton (L 53-10)
Highlanders vs Force, Dunedin (L 32-20)
Force vs Crusaders, Perth (L 19-20)
Force vs Waratahs, Perth (L 13-49)
Force vs Bulls, Perth (L 20-42)(100th game)
Force vs Blues, Perth (L 13-17)
Rebels vs Force, Melbourne (L 27-22)
Force vs Stormers, Perth (L 3-23 )

2015 Fixtures

Played 16: Won 3, Lost 13

Waratahs vs Force, Sydney (W 13-25)
Reds vs Force, Sydney (L 18-6)
Force vs Hurricanes, Perth (L 13-42)
Brumbies vs Force, Canberra (L 27-15)
Force vs Rebels, Perth (L 17-21)
Brumbies vs Force, Pretoria (L 25-24)
Brumbies vs Force, Durban (L 15-9)
Force vs Cheetahs, Perth (L 15-24)
Force vs Stormers, Perth (L 6-13)
Chiefs vs Force, Hamilton (L 35-27)
Blues vs Force, Auckland (L 41-24)
Force vs Waratahs, Perth (W 18-11)
Force vs Highlanders, Perth (L 3-23)
Force vs Reds, Perth (L 10-32)
Force vs Brumbies, Perth (L 20-33)
Rebels vs Force, Melbourne (W 11-13)

2014 Fixtures

Played 16: Won 9, Lost 7

Waratahs vs Force, Sydney (L 43-21)
Force vs Brumbies, Perth (L 14-27)
Force vs Rebels, Perth (W 32-7)
Highlanders vs Force, Dunedin (W 29-31)
Force vs Chiefs, Perth (W 18-15)
Reds vs Force, Brisbane (W 29-32)
Force vs Waratahs, Perth (W 28-16)
Rebels vs Force, Melbourne (L 22-16)
Force vs Bulls, Perth (W 15-9)
Cheetahs vs Force, Bloemfontein (W 16-23)
Stormers vs Force, Cape Town (L 24-8)
Force vs Lions, Perth (W 29-19)
Crusaders vs Force, Christchurch (L 30-7)
Force vs Blues, Perth (L 14-40)
Force vs Reds, Perth (W 30-20)
Brumbies vs Force, Canberra (L 47-25)

2013 Fixtures

Played 16: Won 4, Drawn 1, Lost 11

Rebels vs Force, Melbourne (L 30-23)
Kings vs Force, Port Elizabeth (L 22-10)
Bulls vs Force, Pretoria (L 36-26)
Reds vs Force, Brisbane (W 12-19)
Force vs Cheetahs, Perth (L 10-19)
Waratahs vs Force, Sydney (L 23-19)
Force vs Rebels, Perth (L 23-30)
Force vs Crusaders, Perth (W 16-14)
Hurricanes vs Force, Wellington (L 22-16)
Brumbies vs Force, Canberra (L 41-7)
Force vs Reds, Perth (D 11-11)
Chiefs vs Force, Pukekohe (L 22-21)
Force vs Sharks, Perth (L 13-23)
Force vs Highlanders, Perth (W 19-18)
Force vs Waratahs, Perth (L 13-28)
Force vs Brumbies, Perth (L 21-15)

2012 Fixtures

Played 16: Won 3, Lost 13

Brumbies vs Force, Canberra (L 19-17)
Reds vs Force, Brisbane (L 35-20)
Force vs Hurricanes, Perth (L 19-46)
Waratahs vs Force, Sydney (W 20-21)
Rebels vs Force, Melbourne (L 30-29)
Force vs Reds, Perth (W 45-19
Force vs Chiefs, Perth (L 12-20)
Force vs Waratahs, Perth (L 18-23)
Force vs Stormers, Perth (W 3-17)
Cheetahs vs Force, Bloemfontein (L 17-13)
Sharks vs Force, Durban (L 53-11)
Force vs Rebels (L 31-32)
Force vs Lions (W 17-11)
Force vs Brumbies (L 17-28)
Blues vs Force, Auckland (L 32-9)
Crusaders vs Force, Christchurch (L 38-24)

2011 Fixtures

Played 16: Won 5, Drawn 2, Lost 9

Reds vs Force, Brisbane (L 21-20)
Force vs Sharks, Perth (L 12-39)
Force vs Blues, Perth (D 22-22)
Lions vs Force, Johannesburg (W 15-27)
Stormers vs Force, Cape Town (L 51-16)
Force vs Rebels, Perth (L 25-26)
Force vs Waratahs, Perth (L 3-31)
Brumbies vs Force, Canberra (W 19-27)
Force vs Bulls, Perth (W 26-21)
Force vs Crusaders, Perth (L 30-42)
Waratahs vs Force, Sydney (L 20-15)
Force vs Brumbies (D 13-13)
Hurricanes vs Force, Palmerston North (W 14-21)
Highlanders vs Force, Dunedin (W 14-21)
Force vs Reds, Perth (L 21-24)
Rebels vs Force, Melbourne (W 24-27)

2010 Fixtures

Played 13: Won 4, Lost 9

Force vs Brumbies, Canberra (L 15-24)
Hurricanes vs Force, Wellington (L 47-22)
Force vs Chiefs, Perth (L 19-37)
Reds vs Force, Brisbane (L 50-10)
Force vs Waratahs, Perth (L 10-14)
Force vs Bulls, Perth (L 15-28)
Force vs Stormers, Perth (W 16-15)
Highlanders vs Force, Queenstown (W 27-41)
Blues vs Force, Auckland (L 38-17)
Force vs Crusaders, Perth (W 24-16)
Lions vs Force, Johannesburg (W 12-33)
Cheetahs vs Force, Bloemfontein (L 29-14)
Sharks vs Force, Durban (L 27-22)

Medical Trainer at World Rugby

2013 – 2018  Working with Australian Rugby Union and Oceania Rugby to develop immediate care in sport programme for professional contact sports in the Southern Hemisphere

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